Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Possibly the Dumbest Idea To Be Regurgitated By The Internet

They call themselves "The Whuffie Bank" and they are advocates of possibly the worst sign I've ever seen of humanity's decline into madness. An economy based not on productivity, but on your internet reputation. What the hell?

They say it's because a person's influence is not related to their productivity, but why encourage it? Bloggers and tweeters are contributing far less to the good of society than the thousands of anonymous workers and scientists working hard to give us new products. Heck, in the current economy the vast majority of people who are actually productive make far less than some pretty-looking airhead who just acts out according to the instructions of a someone who is far more productive.

The only way I would support such an economy is if it gave people who are actually productive more credit than the current one. Such as creative artists, open-source programmers, inventors, and scientists.

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