Wednesday, September 1, 2010


The human race is in serious danger, according to Moore's law by 2050 many computers will exceed the processing power of the human brain. Many believe that then we will be able to develop sentient digital life-forms and they will be capable of upgrading themselves to the point where their intelligence exceeds ours as much as our intelligence exceeds that of an ant. And what’s even more horrifying is that most of those who believe in this Singularity are actively working to ensure that it will happen. Would you like to know why they’re doing this?
There are three forms of life based on three types of self-replicating information, genetic, memetic, and digital. Humans and other self-aware biological organisms are a hybrid of genetic and memetic. Memes are self-replicating discrete quantities of learned information, for millennia they have been evolving within our cultures’, developing better ways to propagate themselves. Now, the means of transmitting memes from one human to another is clumsy, very prone to error resulting in mutations that can alter the meme’s chances of survival. Now, direct human-to-human transmission isn’t the only way memes can be transmitted, recordings such as books, videos, websites, can transmit memes. As technology has advanced our ability to accurately copy those recordings has improved, a web-page can infect millions with a mind virus in a matter of months.
Now, consider this, if digital recordings are the most efficient non-human vector for memes, what if digital data could act as hosts to memes, not just a means of transmitting them to another host. Memes can only function as part of a sentient mind, non-sentient organisms such as current computer programs can only carry them to a new host. My conclusion, Singularitarianism is a viral meme devoted to giving itself the perfect host, an entity that can replicate memes with perfect fidelity. And of course, replicators, genes and memes both, care nothing for their host’s well-being, if the most efficient way to spread as many copies of itself as possible kills the host it will occur. My suggestion, direct research away from artificial intelligence and towards enhancing human intelligence, even if it means turning ourselves into a triple hybrid.
And make sure you tell everyone about this.